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Meet The Team


The Team


     Donna Tuck - SFCo

  Leanne Hyams - Thomas Alleyne SFCo

 Steve Green - Barclay SFCo

 Helen Foy - Nobel SFCo

  Jo Poutney - JHN SFCo

  Karen Kelly - KS1 SFCo

  Mary Szulikowski - Lonsdale SFCo

  Kerry Shelford - SFT Admin Manager

  Julia Burrows - SFT Senior Coach

  Cara Breckenridge - SFT Community Coach


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Team Members

Jill Eaton Director
SFT led by Jill Eaton previous Partnership Development Manager

The Team
Stevenage Sporting Futures Team - Sporting Futures Co-ordinators and Senior Coaches


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Contacting Us

Kerry Shelford is the Admin Manager of Stevenage Sporting Futures CiC.
To contact her, please call
01438 747324.

Alternatively, please email the office for information or any enquiry.